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An Asian Gourmet Delivery Service Dedicated to Carnegie Mellon Cohorts


UI/UX Designer


Aug 2020




Adobe XD 

About this Project

This is a conceptual gourmet delivery service specifically designed for students at Carnegie Mellon University, the school where I got my first master's degree.

I started this idea when I realized that many students at CMU are not eating in a sustainable way – some skip meals, some repeatedly purchase cold wraps, some have to bear with the terrible/expensive food offered near the campus. Thus, a focused kitchen offering customizable bento boxes can be a good choice for busy CMU fellows. 

Observed Problems


Busy students have little time for meal prep

CMU is famous for its intensive workload as the motto of the school is from Andrew Carnegie: “My heart is in the work.” Students juggle academics, extracurricular activities, and jobs, thus, many of them don’t cook their daily meals.


No school restaurants on campus

School restaurants are usually a good place to provide nice, hot food for busy students and staff. Some huge public schools have several restaurants across the whole campus for students’ maximum convenience. However, on CMU’s main campus, there isn’t an eatery at all. There are only small cafes serving pastries and refrigerated delis.


Limited food choices near campus

With no school restaurants, students have to seek outside food. Unfortunately, some nearby restaurants are terribly made – one Chinese restaurant was even suspended due to rats and the filthy kitchen. Other restaurants are expensive and have a relatively long wait time, which makes them not an everyday choice for busy students.


Poor existing bento delivery services

For students who don’t want to walk outside at all, there are 3 - 4 Chinese restaurants that drive food trucks to the campus two times a day (lunch & dinner), and students line up and pay for their bento boxes. But frequent complaints are heard – greasy or stale food, limited combination choices, and bad attitudes.

Design Goal -- A better bento delivery service

  • High-quality food

  • Affordable price

  • Convenient drop-off spot

  • Highly-customizable food combinations

  • Weekly/Monthly passes with pre-ordered meals to save more time

  • Help user track nutrition intake data


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Mockup Showcase




Order Process for First-timers

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Quick Order Mockup_4.png
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Quick Order Mockup_6.png

Future Scopes

I'll make high-fidelity mockups of:

  • User wallet

  • Past orders & scheduled orders

  • User bento customization presets

  • Refer & reward program

  • Message board

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